Baby Jeremiah is Now 8 weeks Old

Jeremy is now at 8 weeks old. He has grown to 4kg ++. Thank God for his blessings…
                                        Baby Jeremiah: "…..Hmm….I wonder what is the US 3Q GPD Growth is going to be?" (Smart Jeremiah always on the thinking…
We have now moved into a new apartment in the JingAn District of Shanghai. Anthony now can walk to office (20-25 minutes), sometimes come home for lunch and a quick visit to Baby Jeremiah (Daddy misses Jeremy a lot…), and more importantly, come home from work earlier (by 7pm) so that Hui-yi can have some break…
  Visit by Edward Cheang & Family
Winter should be arriving next week. Get ready for bone-chilling weather of Shanghai.
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1 Response to Baby Jeremiah is Now 8 weeks Old

  1. Fang-I says:

    Jeremiah 成熟很多 眼睛好明亮有神 可愛~!

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