Baby Jeremiah First Smile and More…

Baby Jeremiah had his well-recorded/pictured first smile this weekend. Look how cute he is….
 …after a satisfying breast-feeding, he is even more happier…
We are thankful that God provided us a new apartment that is warm and close to work (for Anthony). He can come back for lunch and check on Jeremy and come home earlier….We basically spend weekend together "indoor"…Our good friends, Vincent and Amanda, encouraged us to venture out and not to be too protective of Jeremiah…So, we will take "baby steps" of bringing baby Jeremy out during weekend. Today, we wrapped up Jeremy pretty good (it was 9 degree in Shanghai this weekend), and went to the garden for a 45 minutes stroll….Baby Jeremy seemed to enjoy it and didn’t make a sound…
More cute Baby Jeremiah photos in the Photo Album "Baby Jeremiah at 9 Weeks". Cheers and God bless you!
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