Baby Jeremiah is 1 Year Old

Thanks to God’s Blessings! We celebrated baby Jeremiah’s 1st "Happy Birthday" on Sep 17th at home in Shanghai. Simple cake and "Happy Birthday" song follows with a prayer to thank God for his wonderful grace and providence…
我们的好处不在神以外…上帝的恩典够我们用….For the past 12 months, in fact, since 1st Trimester of pregnancy (Jan 2009), God has used many occasion to protect us.
We learned so many lessons over the past 22 months…
– Having faith in God even though the 1st trimester had many "scares"…Local doctor told us our baby might have 1/20 of probability of having Downs Syndrome…
==> We prayed and submitted to God that no matter what, he is still our child, and we went against doctor’s suggestion by not having the 羊膜穿刺 process.
==> "We will love our baby no matter what…" 生命是上帝给的, every life is precious…
– Huiyi endured almost 47 hours of labor. And finally, baby Jeremiah was born safely at 12:17 midnight on a Thursday at 华山 Hospital. Thanks to God!
See some of baby Jeremiah’s recent photos as he develops many facial expressions and learning to walk:
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