Baby Jeremy Growing up Happily

Thank God for the week-long China National Day/Mooncake Festival (中秋节) Holidays (Sep 30th – Oct 9th)! It has been said that this is the longest "Golden Week" holidays since 1998. Well, while others took time to travel and shopping…Hui-yi and I were just glad that both of us get to stay at home (especially Anthony didn’t have to go to work) and spend as much time as we could with our cute baby Jeremy….
We are learning to set the daily routine for baby Jeremy: First feeding of the day (6-7am); Clean-up with warm water bath or wipe down (8-9am); Second Feeding (9am); Middle of Day Feeding (12 noon); 3pm afternoon Feeding; 6pm Dinner Feeding; Night Feeding before bedtime: 8-9pm…then Midnight Feeding, and hopefully baby sleeps well through the night eventually…But, Baby Jeremy has his own routine, and we just try our best to feed him whenever he is hungry…At this moment, we still wake up at night to feed Jeremy between 3-4pm.
There is a new born baby care book recommended by our friends, "On Becoming Babywise", by Gary Ezzo & Robert Bucknam, which was touted as the "Bible" of how to take care of new borns…I admit there are some pretty good advice in there, but I think every baby is unique, and we just have to learn to know our baby Jeremy, and be flexible, and make adjustments whenever it is necessary..Afterall, God is in control. I trust that if we, as parents, do our best, then God will do the rest….
Some new pictures which we took last week:
Baby Jeremy Smiling while Sleeping….(Must be having a happy dream…)
             And we bought Jeremy a cool baby stroller…
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