Baby Jeremy at Home_Start of Parenthood

Baby Jeremy comes home for the first time yesterday (Sep 19th). Both Hui-yi and I are exhausted, but at the same time, feeling joyful that we now begins our new roles as parents. With the help of Hui-yi’s mother, we quickly set up the necessary routine and let the baby to settle in comfortably. Hui-yi and I rearranged the room around "making sure that Jeremy is well-taken care of at anytime of the day (or night).
Baby Jeremy has some degree of Jaundice (黄疸), so we let him take some sunbath near the window. See how he is enjoying the sunlight from the comfort of indoor…
Many friends who visited us told us how handsome Jeremy is….(we are so proud to hear that)…Some said he looks more like daddy, some said his nose looks like mommy….Well, drop us an email and let us know what you think….Regardless of the verdict, Hui-yi and I are learning to bond with Jeremy, by singing hymns and praying with him….
See more cute baby Jeremy photos below…
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2 Responses to Baby Jeremy at Home_Start of Parenthood

  1. 皮皮 says:

    cute~~~~wanna give him a sweet and nice kiss~~~~

  2. xi says:

    son should like mummy more. haha 🙂 so sweet, cant wait to give him a big big hug

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